Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Radio Interview: the story behind the deceptive marketing of Paxil

Madness Radio, the radio station affiliated with Freedom Center, a nonprofit advocacy group for people with mental illness, interviewed me about Side Effects, the story behind the deceptive marketing of Paxil, and the ongoing battle to clean up corruption in the medical profession and drug industry. A podcast of the 50-minute interview, which aired today, can be found here.

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Mary said...

I am in the midst of reading Side Effects and want to thank you for your work. I am curious if in your research on the SSRI's, in particular, you came upon any information of the long term effects of akathisia and SSRI use. I am a social worker and have been concerned about the number of clients I have seen who were started on Zoloft, developed anxiety and manic like symptoms and later told that they were missed diagnosed. I have seen many women later diagnosed as having a bipolar disorder after having been on Zoloft for minor depression.